TIPS & TRICKS. How to quickly view property values throughout the project?

The IFC model is a set of data. They are assigned individual elements. In BIMvision, we have the ability to quickly review the defined parameters without having to click on each element in the model.

The “Group” function of the Objects Info plugin allows you to display all the properties present in the file(s).

In the drop-down list, we can see a list of all properties available in the model.

For example, we want to check all properties named Width that are available in this sample file. In order to quickly find this parameter in the list, when we have the drop-down list view open, we type “w” for Width on the keyboard.

We click on the searched “Width”. In the lower part of the window, a list of values that occur in the model will be displayed.

In addition to individual values, a number is shown in parentheses indicating how many elements in the model have exactly this parameter.

By clicking on a node with a value, we select corresponding objects on the model.

Let’s see the example of a width of 0.3 m. Some walls are highlighted. Let’s click on one of them. In the properties panel on the right, we can actually see this particular value.

Having selected elements, for example by a node with a specific value, we can quickly isolate them simply by clicking on “Hide unselected”.

After selecting a property from the list, in the lower part of the window we can see all the values for the indicated parameter.

We can easily view the elements by the values of various properties.

These can be numerical values, but not only. For example, you can show all element names and see if they are correctly defined and which elements they refer to, or you can view other parameters in the file.