As technology is rapidly changing the world around us, many people are afraid that it will replace human intelligence. Many of us are afraid that we will not have anything to teach in the near future, because technology will take over many tasks and skills that have been passed on to students for decades. Calm down. Education will never disappear. Our roles, technologies and tools that work with us change … but invariably the knowledge and skills we have are the key to success, both at the stage of learning and in the professional field.

We understand this perfectly. That is why we decided to support students, educators and educational institutions.

Licenses are dedicated to:
  • secondary and vocational schools for the needs of computer lab equipment,
  • universities and polytechnics for the needs of computer lab equipment,
  • educators and university employees in order to conduct classes,
  • students – for the preparation of the diploma thesis;

Educational software (BIMvision Open EDU) is fully functional version of the BIMvision program, designed for students and educational institutions. The license includes a package of all plugins produced by Datacomp. The list of plugins can be found HERE.

Order an educational version or contact our consultant!

License keys activating BIMvision Open EDU software  are issued for the period of:

  • 365 days – for educational institutions,
  • for the period declared on the form, but not longer than 3 months – for students;

The license fee for the BIMvision Open EDU:

  • 5.00 Euro / license – for educational institution. The prolongation of the license for each subsequent year is free.
  • 0.00 Euro / license – for students

How to obtain the Educational version of the Software for an educational institution and students?

  1. You’re qualified for access to Educational software and are ready to get started? Easy. First you have to complete the Order form provided by Datacomp IT Sp z o.o. at or send an e-mail to You have to provide us your e-mail address to which we will send the order confirmation.

The following documents must be attached to the Order form:

  • for educational institutions – ” Declaration on the use of the license only for educational purposes “
  • for students – a document confirming the student’s status, for example: school / student IDs (scan of both sides), certificates from school / university. It is important that the document is up-to-date (conquered stamps) and the person’s data agrees with the entered personal data.
  1. After placing the Order, the Customer receives a confirmation of acceptance of the Order.
  2. If the data provided by the Customer is incomplete or raises doubts as to their correctness, the order will not be executed.
  3. Placing an Order means that the Customer accepts the Regulations of the educational version as well as the Regulations for the Terms of services, in the wording of the documents from the date of placing the Order.
  4. For the execution of the order, a prepayment is required, which is made on the basis of a VAT invoice sent to the e-mail address provided in the order form. After the payment is credited by Datacomp, the Open EDU license is assigned to the account created by the User at

Documents to download: