New plugin: External Documents

A tool for assigning documents / URLs to objects of the model

advanced reports emisja co2 wartość śladu węglowego


IFC MultiTool Bundle

A new set of plugins in a bundle
• IFC Split
• IFC Merge
• Multifile Module

A tool for multidirectional work on several IFC files simultaneously

IFC MultiTool Bundle


BIMvision 2.24

Bimvision protocol - BIMvision cooperation with Excel, Word files etc. A sensational option supported by Advanced Reports and COBie Exporter plugins

new version BIMvision 2.24


The Advanced Reports plugin
in practice

Check how Advanced Reports can show graphically and analytically the size of carbon footprint, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water footprint.

advanced reports emisja co2 wartość śladu węglowego



Export of model elements loaded from several files into one IFC file

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BIMvision free IFC model viewer

Download BIMvision

BIMvision is a freeware IFC model viewer. BIMvision visualizes the BIM models created in IFC format 2×3. It has many built-in features and is the first viewer with plugin interface.

BIMvision Plugin Store

Plugins give the opportunity to choose the functionality that you want to use in the program. Interface to create plug-ins allows to equip tools with functionalities dedicated to specific users and meet their needs.

BIMvision API

The BIMvision API  Interface for creating plugins allows the browser to be equipped with additional functionalities dedicated to specific users and responding to their needs. It also enables integration with other systems, thus extending their capabilities to work in BIM technology.


BIM Healthy Meeting

26th February 2021 BIM Healthy Meeting 3rd International Partner Meeting of the BIM Healthy Erasmus+ project is being held online today. The partners will present the status of the project, BIM implementation and educational platform elaborated during the time of

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New Measurement options in version 2.24.7

We invite you to download version 2.24.7 of BIMvision. Among other things, we have extended the measuring capabilities by adding two options expected by the users. Now it is possible to measure the distance “Point – Plane within the model”.

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Summary of the UrbanBIM project

The overall goal of the UrbanBIM project was to create and strengthen mutual cooperation, both at the educational and professional level, by creating, among others, an application operating on BIM models in urban areas and taking into account environmental indicators

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For whom?

Download BIMvision


Download BIMvision


Free for personal and commercial use.


BIMvision changed our workflow and helped us to improve the quality of our projects. We engineer timber building and now we can easily share the .ifc model with the other designers who can see the properties (dimensions, weight, ID, material, etc…) of every element with just one click without the need to call us.  We can say that BIMvision has allowed us to drastically reduce the design check time and to make the other designers feel more confident. BIMvision is also very useful on site during the erecting stage.

Eng. Franco Piva | Director Ergodomus Timber Engineering

BIMvision has surpassed our expectations of seeing our data. Our BIMvision plugin has given us the ability to represent our data in 3D allowing our clients to see their data. All project members can now participate in BIM without the need for costly proprietary software. BIMvision is the most versatile and powerful IFC viewer we have ever used.

BIM service Pty (Ltd)

On the choice of Datacomp’s BIMvision as a rebranded viewer, we investigated many IFC model viewers before settling on BIMvision and in the end it was an easy decision. They have the best and easiest viewer we have tested, their responsiveness and support is best in class and the API they provided – along with documentation – was second to none. Bottom line, they made it easy for us and we believe we are delivering the best product possible for our customers.

Chris Moor, COO of FabSuite