Integration of many IFC models in BIMvision

What is the integration of IFC models? Models are created by several designers, both within one industry and many industries. It happens that architects or constructors divide the entire facility into smaller parts for faster work. Plant designers develop models of different plants, often using different systems. To perform the coordination, these component models should be merged as shown in the figure.

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How to integrate IFC models in BIMvision?

For this purpose, one data format should be used, that is the IFC format. The BIMvision platform enables the integration of IFC models (merging) of many models of both one and many different industries, regardless of the system in which they were created. The BIMvision – Multifile module is used for this. Such a model is called federated or integrated. This procedure can only apply to the visualization, without physically merging the models, it can also apply to permanent merging into a new IFC file. To merge the files permanently, use the BIMvision – IFC Merge plugin.

An example of many IFC models integration in BIMvision