Plugin license

How you can enter your plugin license number?

1. From the website, download the demo version of the plugin and install it.

2. Now you can test it in the application.

3. At any time, you can check whether you work on the demo version of the plugin, or on its full version, by selecting MENU / FILE / PLUGINS …

4. To purchase a plugin of full functionality, you must login to (or register if you do not have your account yet).

5. For the selected plugin, select the “Buy” button.

6. Select the number of licenses. At this point you can also enter the discount code if you have one 

7. Check the details of your order. Now you can finalize the transaction. Once the payment has been received by Datacomp, the license will be automatically assigned to your account.

8. Purchased licenses must be activated automatically with the first free license for a given plugin after selecting MENU / FILE / PLUGINS …

9. You can also enter the license number manually by copying it from the “My licenses” tab.

10. In the application, select MENU / FILE / PLUGINS and enter the license number.

11. Now activate the plugin and restart the application.

12. In the last step, check if your plugin has been activated. Enjoy using the software!