BIMvision Compedium

It does not matter if you are an Investor, General Contractor, Estimator or Project Manager, this tool is dedicated just for you. BIMvision is a system with an extremely strong heart (graphics engine). This system can be expanded in thousands of ways, depending on your needs. To create a dedicated solution, you can:

Use existing plugins

In our store you will find plugins whose task is to extend the functionality of BIMvision, giving users the ability to open several models at the same time, logistics management, quantity reporting, submitting project comments, splitting and merging models … You can use the plugins in any configuration, depending on your needs

Create your own plugin

If you have an idea how to optimize your work and you cannot find an existing solution, you can create your own plugin or ask us for help

Integrate BV with your system

You have a great system and you want to implement BIM technology. We’re here to help you. Our BIMvision can become a part of your system, thus giving you and the users of your system new possibilities

You want to develop your own solution?
We are here to help you.

You have a great system and now you need implement BIM technology. We are here to help you. Our BIM Viewer can become a part of your system to give you new opportunities. Plugin can be created also by the Client, without our help. All you have to do is have an idea and follow the rules of co-operation that you can find on the following pages:

We have already in our Reference Book some interesting projects.

These are the best examples of how great opportunities BIMvision has.