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Integration of many IFC models in BIMvision

What is the integration of IFC models? Models are created by several designers, both within one industry and many industries. It happens that architects or constructors divide the entire facility into smaller parts for faster work. Plant designers develop models of different plants, often using different systems. To perform the…
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3D take-offs in the BIMvision browser

The free BIMvision viewer offers the possibility of making a 3D take-off, i.e. calculating the volume / weight, area, length in the model and counting windows, doors, etc. – as you can see in the menu. Do you want to make a 3D take-off? Check the capabilities of the Advanced…
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Detection of collisions in the IFC model using BIMvision

The Clash Detection plugin allows you to detect collisions in the IFC model (in architectural, structural, installation and complex models). Clash Detection is a user-friendly and extremely practical solution that allows you to quickly detect geometric collisions appearing between elements in one model or between elements of several independent models…
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Change analysis – comparing revisions in BIMvision

A revision comparison tool is available on the BIMvision platform. How does it work? We choose two out of many revisions and we want to compare them, i.e. check what are the differences between them. As long as the differences are few and the model is simple, you can find…
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Model data analysis

The model received from the designer is a collection of countless data. How can the Contractor or Investor bring them out? The possibilities of analyzing model data in the BIMvision tool are enormous. First of all, one should ask what are the needs of the Investor or the Contractor in…
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Prefabrication using the BIMvision plugin

For the needs of prefabricated structures a dedicated PreFab Plugin for BIMVision has been developed. It is an IFC data flow management tool for precast structures (steel structures, precast concrete structures), but can also be adapted to other industries such as facade construction etc. Prefabricated construction is an industry in…
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Investment management on the CDE platform

BIM Files Connect is an application for managing a construction investment on the CDE (Common Data Environment) platform. Investment management on the CDE platform Check the possibilities of BIM Files Connect It is based on the well-known M-Files system for managing the EDM (Electronic Document Management) documentation flow. It is…
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