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BIMvision Functionality

BIMvision is a tool extremely easy to use which will help you save time, money and energy invested in task implementation. BIMvision allows project participants to identify the problems and solve them still during the design phase.

More efficient than ever circulation of information between the participants of the investment process and the optimization of working time are the biggest advantages of working with this tool.

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Features Autodesk Navisworks Freedom Autodesk Navisworks Manage Bentley Projectwise Navigator Solibri Model Viewer Solibri Model Checker Tekla BIMsight   BIMvision  
Main purpose Support for Navisworks Manage   Design review   Review and analysis of the project   Design review   BIM control for QA and QC   Collaboration and BIM project management   Review, analyze and verify design changes  
Merging projects                
Support IFC   
Reviewing a few models   only with N.Manage   
Model checking               
Preview the IFC structure   
3D navigation 
Cut the view   
Collision verification       with plugin 
Saving the model views    with plugin 
Transparency and coloring objects from the model    
Finding and grouping objects from the model       with plugin  
Sliding floors of the model              
Checking changes between model revisions            
2D projection (in space)          
Filling slice              
Selection area    
Add comments       with plugin 
Share comments       with plugin 
Compatible with BCF     with plugin    with plugin BCF v1 (BCF v2 – in progress) 
Sharing the merge file         X
export to BVF 
The size of the installer  600MB  2,3GB  900MB  71MB  188MB  81,9MB  15,9MB