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buildingSMART International Awards 2021

Date September 20, 2021
buildingSMART International is an independent and non-profit organization that leads the development of open digital information flows. Its mission is to proactively support industry participants who want to develop open standards for planning, design, procurement, assembly and operation of buildings and infrastructure worldwide. buildingSMART’s vision is the full realization of…
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Plugin Cooperation STEP-BY-STEP Practice [No.1]

Date September 2, 2021
TARGET: – creating separate batches for convenient management – extracting groups of created batches with selected parameters COURSE (plugins used):  MTS – IFC SPLIT – MODULE:MULTIFILE – ADVANCED REPORTS 1. Open the model on the basis of which you will create and separate batches 2. We will use the MTS…
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Date August 23, 2021
15% DISCOUNT on selected plugins and subscriptions from 23 to 29 August 2021! Take the chance and open up to new possibilities of working with BIMvision! Buy single offline plugins or the full Datacomp toolkit! Visit BIMvision store(offline plugins) Visit Datacomp store(subscription)
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BIMvision – licensing methods and their specificity

Date August 16, 2021
Some of our customers use the free BIMvision viewer in its most basic version and the scope of its functionality is fully sufficient for them. However, professionals working in BIM on a daily basis – coordinators, designers, contractors, specialists from various industries using IFC files – very often extend the…
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Cooperation of BIMvision plugins

Date August 4, 2021
BIMvision is a free platform that, apart from its standard functions – related to the basic browser function and options of dimensioning based on the geometry of models or operating with cutting planes – enables the installation of plugins extending its capabilities. Each of the plugins has functionality associated with…
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Download BIMvision 2.25.2 today!

Date July 1, 2021
We are pleased to inform our clients that the new version of BIMvision 2.25.2 is now available. We have introduced a few changes to expand the program’s capabilities, such as adding reading of new objects and improving the reading of graphics of complex elements, or adding IfcComplex support. We have…
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