IDS Maker and IDS Checker: key tools for managing specifications (IDS)

Would you like to simplify the process of creating IDS files and be sure that your IFC model meets all requirements? Meet IDS Maker and IDS Checker – two offerings from Datacomp IT, the developer of BIMvision.

IDS Maker: create IDS specifications in a simple way

This is IDS Maker – an innovative web tool that allows you to quickly and easily create IDS files completely free of charge!

How does it work?

  • Go to
  • Enter information: Add general data about the IDS file, such as stage of execution, purpose of use and author
  • Create specifications: using a simple wizard, define specifications consisting of a description, application and requirements
  • Easy definition of requirements: define the application are of the specification and the required information for individual model elements, e.g. parameters or values.

What next with the file prepared in this way? Open the BIMvision app and go to the IDS Checker plugin!

IDS Checker: check compliance of the IFC model with Information Delivery Specification (IDS) requirements

IDS Checker is the key to ensuring that your IFC model meets all IDS requirements. With this plug-in for the BIMvision application, you can quickly check the compliance of your model with the IDS information requirements file.

Why use IDS Checker?

  • Quick verification: immediate information on whether your IFC model meets IDS requirements saves time and avoids potential problems
  • Error detection: with IDS Checker you can see which specifications have not been met and which elements are wrong and why.

IDS Maker and IDS Checker are essential tools for anyone who wants to enjoy the full benefits of IDS. Don’t wait any longer – check your IFC models now!