Smart color marking based on IFC property values

The Advanced Reports plugin can be used for various purposes. Using the settings for grouping and coloring – you can highlight items with different data.

With such functionality, you can visualize the individual stages of the construction process, check the correctness of included values, or understand how the project was designed.

Watch a few short recordings below to see how you can set your own rules to create significant color marks. After saving the template you can reuse it wherever you want.

(*When watching videos, please note that color coding and grouping are set in the second tab.)

In the example below, all elements with the “Construction phase” property were specified in the first tab.

In the second tab, we set that we want to color the elements based on the value of the “construction phase”. After clicking on the field we can choose one of the methods of assigning colors. The “List” option allows you to specify an individual color for each value. After generating (loading) values from the model to the list (“Update values from properties” button), the user can add colors randomly.

After going to the preview and “updating model” with the button, the model and the report are marked as defined in the second tab.

A significant example is checking the values in the model. Let’s see the given example.

In the second tab, we can indicate that we want to check if the widths of all the walls are correct.

After generating the value, we can see that one of the widths is wrong. To visualize it on the model, we can apply a distinctive color to this wall.

After applying it – you can quickly see where the wall with the wrong value is located.

The third record shows how we can mark elements in the model to make it clear where the different kinds of walls are located. In this example, the colors are based on names.