IDS Checker

The IDS Checker plugin is a tool that enables quick verification of an IFC file based on the specifications defined in the IDS file.

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There are two main tabs in the plugin window: Verify and Report. Verify tab allows you to load an IDS file and start the file verification mechanism. Once the verification has been performed, the Report tab is activated, which shows the reading of the IDS file and also stores information on the verification performed.

The resulting report has a distinctive layout. On the left you can read the IDS file and the record of the Report according to conditions/requirements. On the right side you will find the Report by elements, and at the bottom there is a summary of the report with the option to save it to a file.

In the Report according to conditions/requirements, we have various options available to facilitate reading the IDS, which can be freely set. Available are:

  • Highlight incorrect – highlighting incorrect elements
  • Hide valid – hiding valid specifications
  • Hide optional – hiding optional specifications
  • Objects – list of objects that do not comply with the specification
  • Counter – number of incorrect objects.

The Report by elements allows you to quickly view incorrect elements, filter them and select them in BIMvision. The following options are available:

  • Show in BIMvision – shows all elements identified as incorrect in the model
  • Select all – highlights all items currently shown in the report list
  • Reset selection – deletes the previous selection

Expanding the item regarding the element included in the report shows the name and GUID of the element, as well as the name of the specification identified as incorrect, information about the type of irregularity and its current and expected value.

The report summary indicates whether the verification was negative or positive (red/green icon), determines the percentage of model compliance with the IDS file and shows the number of elements classified as incorrect. Here you can also find the option to save the report to a file.

You can create an IDS file for verification using the free portal