IFC Edit

The IFC Edit plugin allows you to edit and modify the information contained in the properties of an IFC file. You can add, change, or delete properties or property sets of items available in the file. After making changes, the file can be exported as a new IFC file with updated information content.

The IFC Edit section consists of 3 buttons: Edit, Export and Open last export.

  • Edit – includes the Add property set option in the drop-down menu. Selecting this option will cause the editing window to appear, allowing you to enter the required data.
  • Export – allows you to export the modified file to a new IFC file
  • Open last export – allows you to open the last created

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You can also change properties and property sets from the property pane. By clicking the right mouse button on any set of properties or the property itself, we get the following options:

For a property set
For a property

After selecting one of the options, you can:

1/ make appropriate changes to the property set or property edit window (EDIT)

Edition of a property set
Edition of a property

2/ add property sets or new properties to existing sets (ADD)

Adding a property set
Adding a property

3/ delete sets of properties or single properties from sets (DELETE).

Deleting a property set
Deleting a property

Changes made in this way can be exported to a new IFC file with the Export button.

Element attributes such as GUID numbers or a defined type cannot be changed or deleted.

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IFC Edit – Release notes

  • 1.1
    • The ability to edit multiple properties/property sets has been added