BIMWORLD 2021 is getting closer

The annual BIM technology event will take place in Paris on June 23 and 24.

This time, after a two-year break, in addition to the “online” form, it will also be held in a stationary form.

Scheduled for 5,000 attendees from around the world, more than 250 exhibitors and dozens of speakers, the event will be held under sanitary restrictions to be determined by the government and given in advance by the organizers.

This year’s BIMWORLD edition is divided into two parts.

The main part of the “BIM World” event will move between three overarching thematic areas. In each of these categories – Construction 4.0, Building as a Service, Smart data, the latest innovations and the most important achievements in the respective fields will be presented. More information on the individual thematic groups can be found here:

The second part of the event – “Low-Carbon World” – is a response to the increasing pollution of the environment, depletion of non-renewable resources, increased exploitation of the planet and destruction of its ecological balance. Among other things, innovations in materials science, energy efficiency and smart areas will be discussed.

There is still a possibility to buy a ticket for this event in two variants: Pass FIRST (80 €) – which gives access to the general exhibition BIM World 2021, Low-Carbon World 2021 and includes partial access to the BUILDING 360 platform, with materials from the conference or Pass EXECUTIVE (430 €) – which gives access to the two previously mentioned exhibitions and unlimited access to the BUILDING 360 platform for 2021 with a limited subscription for subsequent years.

Those who are interested in the subject and cannot appear at the event physically or participate virtually, will be able to count on our report from these two intense days. We will provide you with the latest information, write about the topics discussed and share the most important information, conclusions and ideas that the “BIM World” lives today.