BIMvision version 2.28.0 perfect in details 

We are thrilled to present the latest version of BIMvision 2.28.0. This update introduces new elements, functionalities, enhancements, as well as changes in the API that will make your experience with BIMvision more intuitive, productive, and precise. Discover the new features in version 2.28.0 below. 

New feature – Comparing Objects 

One of the most anticipated features in the new version is the option to compare two selected objects. Now, thanks to the “DIFFERENCES” button in the “OBJECTS” tab, you can quickly and easily analyze the differences between any two elements from the model or models, significantly facilitating the data checking and comparison process. 

*Please note that the Module Compare in demo or full version is required for the DIFFERENCES button to be visible.

New API Features 

The API version has been updated to 5.47, introducing new functions such as bv_zip_get(), bv_zip_get_file_length(), bv_zip_read_buffer(), bv_zip_write_buffer(), on_main_form_close(). These new API functions add flexibility and enable even more advanced interactions with project data. 

Improved User Interface Scalability 

The x64 version of BIMvision has been optimized for user interface scalability, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience across different devices and screens, e.g., those with an exceptionally large matrix. 

Enhanced Support for Imperial Units 

Now, thanks to improvements, the display of imperial units in properties (“Dimensions”) has been optimized, ensuring precision and clarity. 

Geometry Enhancements 

Our teams have worked on improving geometry, including calculating geometry for Ifc_Sectioned_Solid_Horizontal for IFCINDEXEDPOLYCURVE and improving the reading of IfcLinearPositioningElement and the implementation of IfcLinearPlacement for version 4×3. Additionally, we have added reading IfcSurfaceStyleRendering and IfcAnnotationFillArea, as well as implemented Ifc_Structural_Surface_Member and improved the reading of Ifc_Sectioned_Surface and the implementation of construct_geometry for Ifc_Csg_Solid. 

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In short… 

The new version 2.28.0 of BIMvision is another step in our mission to deliver the highest quality BIM tools. Thanks to the new features and many improvements mentioned above, you can manage your projects more effectively, analyze data more accurately, and work more productively than ever before. Download the latest version today and enjoy a new quality in working with BIM projects! Welcome to the world of possibilities with BIMvision 2.28.0!