BIMvision – licensing methods and their specificity

Some of our customers use the free BIMvision viewer in its most basic version and the scope of its functionality is fully sufficient for them. However, professionals working in BIM on a daily basis – coordinators, designers, contractors, specialists from various industries using IFC files – very often extend the platform with additional IT solutions in the form of plugins. What they will need and for how long and how they will want to use the licenses (plugins) will influence their decision to purchase additional BIMvision solutions. Many of our customers are wondering: how is it with these licenses? If you are also such a person – from today everything will become clear and understandable to you. If you haven’t thought about it before or just don’t know what these possibilities are, you’ve come to the right place!

So what are the two coexisting types of BIMvision licensing and what are the differences between them?

If you are involved in coordinating projects in BIM technology on a daily basis and you want to have complete freedom in the performance of your work, the subscription version will be the best solution for you. It is also known as an “online” license because it requires constant access to the Internet while working. But thanks to this, you can use it from wherever this access is. This gives the user great flexibility. He can use the same license on a desktop computer at work, at home, or on a laptop on a business trip.

BIMvision subscription gives you access to the full versions of all Datacomp plugins.

It includes the most popular solutions for working on various levels. At the moment, there are 15 of them, although, as our regular customers know, our software is constantly developing dynamically, not only improving ready-made tools, but also successively creating new ones and gradually increasing their number.

The subscription version can be purchased for a selected period of time. The subscription price also depends on this. Sample subscription prices are EUR 80 for a month of activity (30 days), or EUR 370 for use for a year (365 days). A full list of BIMvision subscription prices depending on the time of using them can be found on our website.

Another form of licensing solution for BIMvision is individually purchased plugins (offline). If you know that you will only need a few of them and you want to enjoy the unlimited time of their operation – this is the purchase option that will be the best for you.

BIMvision licensing methods and their specificity

In addition, when choosing this option, you will not be dependent on providing continuous Internet access while using BIMvision. You will only need to connect to the network during the initial (one-time) activation of the plugin on your hardware and later, in the event of a new version, when you want to use the update.

Licenses purchased in this way (single plugins and packages) are standalone. This means that the plugin is assigned to a specific computer/laptop. Sometimes customers ask us: what if you replace the equipment with a new one? You don’t have to worry about it. In justified cases – such as this one – you can release the license and transfer it to another device. Moreover, without giving any reason, you can transfer your licenses to another computer yourself once every three months.

Each plugin has its own individual price. A full list of the prices of offline plugins for BIMvision, produced by both Datacomp and other developers, can be found on our website.

The offline offer also includes plugin bundles. By entering their descriptions, we can see which plugins they contain. The packages are cheaper than the separately purchased plugins. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing multiple plugins, it is worth checking that they are not creating some kind of cost-effective bundle. When in doubt, you can always ask us or ask for advice.

To sum up – we offer you two license options to choose from:

• all Datacomp plugins for a specified period of time (require constant internet connection)

• selected plugins in the form of perpetual workstation licenses

Now that you know exactly what the licenses look like and how they work, you can easily decide which option is more convenient and beneficial for you 😊. So if you want to buy a plugin for the first time, either register your account in the BIMvision store: (offline plugins), or create an account on the Datacomp store website: (subscriptions). Then you will be able to implement your plans directly through the online store system (credit card payment through PayPal and PayU options) or contact us ( to process the order based on a proforma invoice (bank transfer).

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at!

We are here to make your work in BIM technology even more efficient and enjoyable!

Enjoy using BIMvision!