BIMvision at the conference OPEN BIM in Luxembourg

OPEN BIM Luxemburg 2020

On 4 March, the Open BIM conference was held in Bettembourg, Luxembourg, organized by Neobuild and Modena.

Initial lectures concerned the status of currently applicable BIM standards. These aspects were presented by Mr. Pierre Mit, Head of the Chapter of the French Building Smart and Graphisoft representative from Budapest, Mr. Miklós Szövényi.

Our presentation “BIMvision a Tool Platform for Contractors and Investors” was aimed at presenting our solutions in this forum as efficient tools, for investors and contractors among others. We wanted to bring our system closer to you by answering the question „What is BIMvision?” and „Who’s BIMvision for?

The answer to the question of what BIMvision is in a short presentation was not easy, because thanks to the applied open architecture of the system and the possibility of expanding it with additional applications, the scope of application is very wide and far exceeds the functions of a browser.

Undoubtedly, our presence as BIMvision in the group of Nemetschek Luxemburg software at the OPEN BIM conference has brought a different way of looking at the investment process, showing in many cases a simple tool to implement individual tasks of this process.