BIMvision a tool in an architectural competition in China

Our partner in China, ZWSOFT, informed us that BIMvision will take part in an architectural competition organized by the Ministry of Education in ShanXi Province.

Background of the Competition:

The National Vocational College Skills Competition is a non-profit competition for students of vocational colleges, initiated and led by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and organized jointly by relevant departments of the State Council, as well as relevant industries, people’s groups, academic groups and local governments. It is classified as a national Class-I competition.

The project should be driven by comprehensive tasks integrating the roles of construction drawing designers, on-site detail designers, and construction workers. Its modules should follow the actual workflow: obtaining information on building and space decoration and renovation → comprehending the design scheme → construction drawing design → list calculation → on-site detail design → construction project management and construction. The modules are layered and interlocked. The contestants are required to follow the design plan rendering, the 3D architecture information model and the design requirements of the task to complete the query, measurement and collection of data and information, and cooperate to design architectural decoration construction drawings using architectural CAD drawing software. The “BIMvision” software (known in China as “CADBIM Viewer”) is the platform for information query and measurement for Module 1 of the project.

On the Use of the Product:

The product is used in the competition to query, measure and collect data and information for the 3D building information model.