Ergodomus Timber Engineering

Company: Ergodomus Timber Engineering was founded in 2007 to design wooden buildings. The company have collaborated with the best companies in the construction sector and built more than 250 buildings including many extremely complex structures such as hotels, houses, multi-storey

MTS Plugin

Client: BIM Services Date of implementation: June 2016, Scope of work: Datacomp created plugin based on idea of our Client Result: Integration with Project JAIN system This BIMvision extension allows to group objects depending on property values or data that


Client: Instituto de Tecnología de la Construcción de Cataluña. ITeC Date of implementation: December 2016 Scope of work: Rebranding Result: Special version of viewer (with different name) and a plugin that adds BIM (IFC) to ITeC systems. TCQ 2000 is


Client: Future Network Development Date of implementation: March 2017 Scope of work: Rebranding and plugin creation Result: Special version of IFC file viewer with plugin that allows to add and share comments to BIM models. Plugin is integrated with ISETIA


Client: COSOBA GmbH, Grafenstraße 29, 64283 Darmstadt Date of implementation: January 2017 Scope of work: Datacomp extended plugin API in area of taking measurements. Result: Plugin that allows users to create bill of quantity and have it connected directly with COSOBA


Client: CAESoft Date of implementation: fall 2015 Scope of work: Datacomp extend plugin API Result: Plugin that allows associate documents (external files) with model elements.


Client: ETag Date of implementation: Spring 2016 Scope of work: Datacomp extend plugin API Result: Plugin that supports access control and facility management system. Link:


Date of implementation: June 2016 Scope of work: Plug-in developed by the Client Result: Easily and instantly retrieve measurements for weights, surfaces and volumes from the model to Multidoc and Bimestim. Link: