Using the additional plugin “Gallery” you can optimize and improve the process of exchange of information between all participants of the process.

Saved view

When you save a view, main BIMvision viewing options (camera position, display settings) and state of all IFC elements (active, visible, transparent, selection, colors) will be remembered. Plugin also makes a thumbnail and puts it into a gallery of views. When you choose this view, all saved data will be restored. Views are automatically loaded and saved in separate file with “.gallery” extension.

Take screenshot

You can either take screenshots of current view and save it to PNG/BMP image file or directly copy to Clipboard. Now you can send the file with question to the designer.

Change color

For better coordination and control of the project we created a tool “Change colors” which allows users to select colors for specific elements. The change is made only for time of viewing the model (unless you save it in view). You can also modify (remove or add) objects transparency.

  • 2.7
    • Keyboard shortcut added (Ctrl + G) – adding a view to Saved views with its description
    • The Edit image option has been added for a saved view (possibility to add symbols and text comment)
  • 2.6
    • Correction of the error related to saving files to .bvf
  • 2.5
    • Bug related to adding views and saving them has been fixed
  • 2.4
    • Automatic recall of the last set (saved) view when opening a .BVF.
    • A warning about unsaved changes in the plugin has been added, which appears when the BIMvision program is closed (Warning! Plugins have unsaved data … Do you want to proceed?)
  • 2.2
    • Support for inter plugin communication
    • Cooperation with Clash Detection plugin
  • 2.0
    • the gallery is automatically saved and loaded with IFC model to/from BIMvision File (.BVF) o ability to manually save and load gallery to/from an external file (.gallery)
    • added a thumbnail to the properties window
    • option to clear gallery
    • the demo does not allow to save the gallery