DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION online – Ask questions, learn and work with passion

The BIMvision team is pleased to inform all BIM technology adepts and practitioners about the world’s largest online event in this field, which started yesterday and is currently underway!

As a producer of one of the best IFC model platforms – BIMvision – we remain in the technological trend, being constantly up-to-date with the latest information.

And although you will not see us as speakers this time, we encourage you to participate as observers of this unique event. Below we share with you a short report from yesterday’s session, and today and in the following days you can participate in the next lectures of this international conference!

A link to the event’s website can be found at the bottom. Entry is free, so all you need to do is register.

On the first day (01/02/22) we had the opportunity to meet people with different experience, dealing strictly with the subject of BIM. They are people with technical education, working in companies and corporations directly related to the construction industry: design and implementation, as well as IT, supporting processes in BIM technology, or being part of it.

The presentations had a different character, and their greatest advantage was the reference to the individual experiences of the speakers and practical examples of their activities.

Summarizing the main threads of the first few presentations, there are some important issues that should be considered.

At the very beginning of the event, one of the presentations featured a quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ” In the course of subsequent presentations, we could hear confirmation of this thought, among others in the statement that one of the main problems of the construction industry is its fragmentation. Optimizing processes and achieving BIM maturity at a common agreed level is a task that requires the collective commitment of individual participants in the process.

Designers or contractors not yet familiar with the technology should understand why their current “traditional” way of working is not sufficient and optimal. This is the key – changing old habits and opening up to a new way of working.

Understanding of BIM processes, their awareness, faith in technology supported by the analysis of actual cases are factors that can make the whole team of people ready to change the way they work and get involved in its new system. In the first place, changes must be made in people and in their approach to the topic. The driving force behind digital transformation is the willingness of individuals to act.

The first step in transforming the way a company works is training and hands-on training, as well as creating a scenario – a process plan. Employees must get rid of the fear of the new and the unknown and replace it with a passion for learning. Enthusiasm and commitment should last with subsequent projects and years of work in BIM technology. A clue in this matter should be a quote from yesterday’s presentation “Make questions, learn and be passionate about what you are doing.”

It happens that companies that use tools based on BIM technology do not use their potential. The point is not to use all possible or expensive tools, but to adjust their functionalities and the way of using them to your needs. To quote one of yesterday’s speakers: “Look at your business first.” There is no need to waste money on software that will not be used. The idea is to adapt the tools to the individual needs of the company and work in an organized system, i.e. one that will be optimal for a given project and BIM process.

During one of the meetings with our client, we received feedback that one of the main reasons for using our BIMvision software is the fact that it is intuitive and easy to use. Therefore their subcontractors want to use this platform, as they will be able to easily and conveniently process information according to their individual needs.

We expect applications to help us be more efficient so that we can make better use of the data we have. A simple common language that everyone can understand is also important throughout the process.

The world demands more and more of us. It asks more and more questions, tasks and requirements. To meet them, we often have to expand our knowledge and use tools that we have not needed so far. The global situation does not look stable. We have to deal with problems such as environmental pollution, global warming, or such surprising adversities as a global pandemic.

We must act together, and technology comes to help in overcoming barriers and in meeting more and more specialized requirements.

BIMvision and additional plugin solutions are dynamic entities that never stand still. In order to meet new expectations, as its producer we establish international contacts and participate in large European projects. One of such projects was “UrbanBIM” – a project which, among other things, assumed the creation of a digital solution for studying environmental factors (such as water, carbon or energy footprint) and the environmental impact of the designed facility.

Another issue that was identified as a “challenge” for BIM processes was the secure sharing of information, no data loss, and access to materials. It is known that along with the duration of the BIM process, the development of the construction project and the progression through subsequent stages, the number of documents increases.

Modern CDE platforms not only allow for easy data exchange, but also for tracking changes, process management and, what is worth emphasizing, partial automation, which directly affects the improvement / acceleration of work and control of the current state of work in order to make certain decisions and better management. One of such platforms is ISETIA, which also includes an engine for previewing IFC models, based on BIMvision. This platform made it possible to carry out large infrastructure projects and is also used all over the world.

The pandemic also accelerated global processes and, thanks to communication solutions, opened the world to even closer cooperation. Many clients decide to get to know BIMvision and our company through online meetings. Just a few years ago, few companies would decide to share their processes, doubts or expectations in order to ultimately find additional solutions meeting their needs. In this way, by sharing their problems and expectations and learning about the functionalities “at the source”, they have even more freedom in exploring the possibilities of BIMvision and adapting the software to their needs.

Digital Construction means a few days full of great speakers from different parts of the world who, based on their practical experience, talk about the changes that are taking place and which we are striving for in the construction industry and in BIM technology.

UK & Europe: 1-2 February 

Middle East & Africa 7-9 February 

Australia: 21-23 February  

Asia: 24-25 February  

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