BIMvision 2.27.4 introduces significant improvements in SDK functions and reading IFC files

BIMvision 2.27.4 introduces several important updates:

  • Internal Changes to SDK Features: This release includes modifications to the SDK within BIMvision. The implemented changes affect the compilation and operation of some plugins. The updated SDK improves the overall functionality and performance of these plugins, allowing for a more seamless experience.
  • Facilitation in reading requirements for files with parameters that do not meet the IFC format standards: BIMvision now offers more flexibility in reading files with parameters that do not meet the strict Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standards. This update makes BIMvision able to handle and interpret files that do not fully conform to IFC standards, which provides greater compatibility and accessibility for users.

Modifications in BIMvision 2.27.4 are aimed at improving the usability and flexibility of the software, ensuring comfortable work for users using various plugins and file types.

You can download the latest version as always on our website You can also perform an automatic update to the latest version directly in the program.