A new version of BIMvision 2.24 is now available!

New version BIMvision 2.24 news

In the downloadable version of the program we provide a new, very practical tool: bimvision protocol. It allows you to create links to model objects. After opening such a link, the object is marked on the model and shown in the center of the view.


  • General structure:         bimvision://File location?GUID   (File location and GUID are separated by ”?”)
  • Example of use:        bimvision://C:/Models/Model.ifc?hjfQ2pTRqd62T07B1yh


After clicking on such a link we will open a file “Model.ifc” with a selected object with GUID “hjfQ2pTRqd62T07B1yh”.


new version BIMvision 2.24


Opening the link is possible when using BIMvision or another application.


Download BIMvision 2.24


When working in BIMvision, if we do not have an open file, it will be loaded, and if it is open, the given object will be marked on the model.

If we open the link from another application, BIMvision will automatically start with the file loaded and the object marked in it.

Thanks to the bimvision:// protocol, we can combine all documents (Word, Excel and others) in which you can save the url with the IFC model and indicate a specific element in it.

Advanced Reports and COBie Exporter plugins that generate EXCEL spreadsheets use this great new feature. All GUIDs in these sheets are references to objects in the IFC model.

New version BIMvision 2.24 Advanced Reposrts plugin

New version BIMvision 2.24 Cobie plugin