15 minutes – not much, but so much! BIMvision VIDEO

BIM technology is a reality today. Virtual reality, which has become a real answer to current problems, a response to new directions in design, new ways of management and cooperation. In this process, we work with various tools available on the global market. This variety is not a bad thing as OpenBIM allows us to do so.

We have a solution for how to work more efficiently. This is our vision of better cooperation based on digital IFC models. Our vision is BIMvision!

We are pleased to present a short – 15-minute video about BIMvision. This is a scope of what you can do with BIMvision but I will inform you about the basic functionalities and some chosen additional plugins. Not only you will hear about it, you will see it!

Seeing is believing! So take a look at BIMvision and expand your knowledge of its solutions. The movie shows BIMvision in action but also: Multifile Module, Objects Info Advanced Reports, IFC Split, IFC Merge, IFC Comments/BCF, Gallery, Clash Detection, External Documents.

The subtitles for the film are available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. Enjoy the video and dive deep into BIMvision solutions.

Do you want to know even more? Familiarize yourself with the materials available on the website or contact us.