New version of the IFC Merge

New version of the IFC Merge plugin saves model offsets and changes to their coordinates

Have you ever had several component models that, instead of being modeled with reference to their target location, were created with a common point of 0,0,0? Imagine a few objects planned on one plot. All correctly aligned with the world directions, but each designed with the corner edge vertex at 0,0,0. If you created IFC models from such files and opened them in a browser, you would quickly realize that something was wrong and the assumption was definitely not what you saw. At BIMvision, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. If only the rotation of the objects is correct (i.e. the arrangement with respect to the directions of the world), you will easily move them and set them in the correct relation to each other.

It would be no different if your model – as customers call it – “landed in space”. With BIMvision, you could “bring it to the ground” and simply bring it back to the 0,0,0 point, or to any other point you entered, defined by the x, y, z coordinates.

You don’t need to worry if one of the models was exported in geographic coordinates and the rest according to the global system relative to the 0,0,0 point. BIMvision and IFC Merge can handle large coordinate values.

You could already change the position of models with BIMvision and save that setting to . bvf format, but now with the IFC Merge plugin, by merging files you can also export them to a new common IFC file.

How does it work? With the options in the MEASUREMENT tab, you can, after starting the “Coordinates” function, set a new starting point of 0,0,0, change the coordinates of any point of the model or using the “Offset” option move the whole model by the entered value of the vector. When you export models using the IFC Merge plugin, you will create a new IFC file with the saved changes to the location of the source files.

From now you have control of the “unruly” coordinates!

Enjoy using BIMvision!

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