Advanced Reports

The Advanced Reports plugin allows you to analyze the properties of objects of the selected model by developing summary reports. Selected properties of specific IFC model objects can be grouped and summed in any way, and the obtained data saved in MS Excel format.

In version 1.7, the option of detailed material reporting has been added. In the window for column selection there are three ways to present materials:

  • Materials – mode with standard export of materials shown in one column, separated by a semicolon (functioning in previous versions).
  • Materials by layers – mode with exporting materials to separate columns in the order of layers. You can also add columns with the thickness of these layers.
  • Materials by names – mode in which columns are created for each of the materials found in the project with the specified thickness of each layer.

New features of the Advanced Reports plugin 1.6

  1. In the Add column window, you can export the classification (if they appear in the model) and the volumes of elements read from the geometry.

2. An additional option – Animations – appears in the Preview tab. During animation playback, model elements are shown or hidden in the order they appear in the report and according to the last grouping.

3. In the Preview / Reports tab, you can select the model view type and save it to a file with the report.

New possibilities Advanced Reports 1.4 plugin

In 1.4 version the Advanced Reports plugin has gained a new, very practical functionality: assigning colors to selected attributes / parameters of the model.

Now you can mark an element or group of elements with the same parameters / attributes with the selected color / colors. All elements meeting the defined criteria will get the color selected by the user or given by the application, both in the preview of geometry and in the windows of the report table windows.

Practical use of coloring options is e.g. determination of concrete classes in the project or marking the order of execution of individual stages of construction.

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Advanced Reports – Release notes

  • 1.12
    • A new category has been added in the column selection window – Style
    • Added full path for the “Property Set” of the nested property
    • The ability to add a column with the source file has been added
    • A library of standard selectors has been created
    • “Ungroup templates” option in the template library window has been added
    • Versioning for plugin templates has been added
    • The DELETE option work in the Selector has been changed (it works on all selected items)
    • Special characters to define name code in custom selectors (@ for any letter and # for any number) have been added
    • Operators have been added to expand the value search possibilities:
      • “Starts with”
      • “Ends with”
      • “Fits to”
      • “Differs from”
      • “Regular expression”
    • Bugs have been fixed
  • 1.11
    • The ability to search for a specific value in an object value with the Match operator has been added
  • 1.10
    • Minor errors fixed
  • 1.9
    • Opportunity to change the unit of object properties has been added
    • The possibility of grouping templates in the User library has been added
  • 1.8
    • The ability to create links to objects for easier location on the model has been added.
  • 1.7
    • Advanced material reporting has been added
  • 1.6
    • The possibility of exporting the classification and volume has been added
    • Animations added
    • The ability to export views has been added
  • 1.4
    • Coloring functions have been added
    • A simplified selection of properties in selectors has been added
  • 1.3
    • Minor errors fixed
  • 1.2
    • Materials have been added
    • Unit for property has been added
    • Properties that are not present in the current project are marked with a gray color in the column selection list.
  • 1.1
    • In the column selection dialog, the properties already used in the report are highlighted with a blue background color.
    • In the column selection dialog, an option to narrow the list of properties to currently selected objects has been added.