Designer: an artist or a craftsman? You can argue, but one thing is certain that the designers are responsible for the final appearance of the project. They control the functionality of solutions, aesthetic and quality. We can love or hate them but without designers, none of the objects that surround us would arise. Today, the designers are the best oriented professional group (in the construction industry) in terms of the possibilities offered by working in BIM technology.

Why BIM?:

• Efficient coordination.
• Automatically collisions detection.
• Drawings generated directly from the model.
• Work based on the IFC standard. Projects can be carried out with the help of software from various vendors. It means that architects can work with structural engineers, MEP designers etc. regardless of the software they use.
• Advanced options for creating BOQ and costs estimation.
• The design process can reflects subsequent construction phases (eg. division into phases / stages of implementation). It speeds up the work, reduces the risk of errors, and brings significant savings not only at the design stage, but also during the implementation of the investment.
• The model’s compliance with the project documentation (2D)