How you can enter your plugin license number?

1. Please download plugin’s Demo version. Do not forget select the language.

2. Now, you can check your demo plugin. It is on place.

3. To check if you work on demo or full version, go to FILE / PLUGINS... As you can see - we have still demo version.

4. To enter your plugin license number use button “Enter license number”

5. Of course, first you have to buy license for full version. Go back to the and select "Buy" or just click on "Buy license"

6. Now please log in or Register (if you do not have your account jet)

7. Define the number of licenses. Here you can also enter your discount code, of course if you have it 🙂

8. Please select SUMMARY button and check your purchase details. You can buy your license now.

9. You need your individual license number to enter it in plugin activation window.

10. Now please apply your license number and restart application.

11. Check if your plugin is activated.