BIMvision Workshops for CDC Habitat

At the beginning of April, we had the opportunity to conduct a training on BIMvision for BIM Ambassadors of CDC Habitat, a major real estate office in France with more than 531 000 housing managed. The several-hour workshops concerned the operation of the entire platform and the functionality of selected additional solutions.

Participants from various parts of France represented a company of ten thousand employees that builds and manages residential buildings. Tools using BIM technology are designed to help verify and “manage” a large amount of data contained in digital models.

The training for a group of over a dozen specialists in their field was conducted in the formula of practical workshops. During the meeting, participants performed tasks, repeated the course of various exercises and tested the possibilities and numerous options of the program.

bimvision workshops for cdc habibat 2
bimvision workshops for cdc habibat 1

They could see and understand how an IFC model is built, what to pay attention to, how to approach various issues, or how to obtain information of a specific type faster.

The first “basic” part, concerned the functionalities contained in BIMvision itself. It was knowledge of navigation, using the IFC structure, various ways of selecting elements, measurement options or using cutting planes. The second part, “advanced”, was related to selected plugins. Among them, there were such solutions as Advanced Reports, IFC Merge, IFC Split, Gallery, IFC Comments.

In addition to the presentation and workshop part, participants received printed materials with the course of the proposed tasks – “step by step”, and also received sets of didactic files to expand their knowledge and skills to use the software.

At the end of the meeting, the participants expressed their opinions. BIMvision was warmly received. The highlighted advantages are ease of use, intuitive interface and smooth / fast operation. The option that gained special recognition and attention is the ability to quickly slide storeys along the X, Y and Z axes.

Knowledge of the tools means ease of use, comfort and efficiency of work.

We thank the BIM Ambassadors of CDC Habitat for the time well spent with BIMvision!