A new version of BIMvision 2.21 is launched!


We invite all users and fans of our software to install the update. The new version will not only provide better support for .NET plugins (dependencies and updates). Its new options are first and foremost:

  • reorganization of the user interface /new tab “ADVANCED” was added/:
    • ribbon group “Cutting” from tab “VIEW” was split into two groups: “Cutting” and “Cutting planes”, and moved to the new tab
    • group “Offsets” from tab “OBJECTS” was also moved there


  • “Offset” measurement type added to “Coordinates”


  • ability to translate/set new position of whole project geometry (in “Coordinates” and “Offset” measure type), which can be saved to the *.BVF file

  • option to select visible objects within the cutting region


Download BIMvision