With a great pleasure we present a new version BIMvision viewer. New version means also the new options.

Fly mode.
The option allows to look easily around and walk inside the model from the first-person perspective. Camera rotates around the observer. This mode is useful to walk-through the infrastructure models as well as to navigate inside the buildings, especially in touch mode.

Export to BVF
BVF format allows you to save all opened IFC files into one file (with plugin data). We can for ex.: open in one view some IFC files coming from different branches and dedicated for one object (using Multifile Module) than add comments and save all of these data into one file. Opening it again we find everything in one place, all IFC files as well as the applied previously comments.

BIMvision has a new dimension. From today we have the opportunity to work based on files in the format IFC4.

Please be aware of the fact, that this range of functionality of the software is still in the testing phase. In case of any problems please do not hesitate to contact with us and sending us the file where the any problem occured.