Clash Detection Bundles

Clash Detection Bundles Having in mind the specificity of your work, we offer you several bundles with Clash Detection in the main role. This solution will allows you to save 20% of the value of plugins. Basic Clash Detection Bundle 

New Plugin: Clash Detection

Meet our new, long-awaited, plugin dedicated to the geometric clash detection. User-friendly, practical solution that allows you to fast detect geometric collisions appearing between elements in one model or between elements of several independent models*. As you know clash detection

Educational version of BIM VISION!!!

  The long-awaited educational version of BIM Vision (Open EDU) are now available. The fully functional versions of the BIM Vision viewer are designed for students and educational institutions. The license includes the package of the following plugins: Object Info,

Advanced Reports and Changes

How to combine BIM Vision functionalities and one of the plugins to make you work easier 🙂 ?. One of the examples: Advanced Reports and Changes used together give us the opportunity to prepare a report of changes (quickly and