Preparing the BOQ and cost estimation is an extremely time-consuming process that requires many hours for analysis of documentation, lot of patience, knowledge and experience. BOQ can be created based on paper documentation, electronic documentation of 2D files in DWG or DXF format and BIM model. The role of this document is huge, but unfortunately still underestimated.

The bill of quantities was established as a part of the project documentation, according to changes in point § 4.1 point 3. to the Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure dated on September 2nd , 2004. According to the above document, the failure to capture any errors or discrepancies between the bill of materials and the project documentation before the outcome of the proceedings may result in additional costs that will result from justified claims by the contractor (at the final settlement of the contract).

The bill of quantities in BIM can be developed in several ways – in the BIM class program in which the project is created (construction, architecture, installations) or in the BIM class program dedicated for creating the BOQ based on IFC models.