Cooperation between Datacomp and ITeC (Instituto de Tecnología de la Construcción de Cataluña)

We are pleased to announce that Datacomp  have started the cooperation with a new Partner, ITeC (Instituto de Tecnología de la Construcción de Cataluña) from Barcelona. We were involved in the process of software development. TCQ 2000 is a tool dedicated for cost estimation. Based on the capabilities of the browser BIMvision – viewing and analysis IFC models, with our help, the company ITeC expanded the possibilities of their product. It means that we have opened the door to obtain information directly from the BIM models through the use of open formats.

ITeC is a private foundation operating in the construction sector. Their main goal as an organization that supports innovation, is the transfer of knowledge and the provision of technological services to improve the competitiveness of the construction sector agents. The high professionalism of the whole team and the status of the ’non-profit‘ Foundation confirms the independence and credibility of the organization.

We are proud that the reliability and wide range of BIMvision capabilities has been recognized by our new Partner.