BIM Game and Datacomp visited the University in Wuppertal

Wuppertal, field of experimentation for the BIM Game

Wuppertal University ( hosted the BIM Game team on 4 and 5 September 2018.

To begin, students tested a new scenario designed by Professor Carla PÜTZ. The teams had to make a 3D construction with 100 Duplo parts in accordance with precise specifications.

Then, other teams received these 3D digital models and had to build them concretely. The heart of the scenario was the transmission of good information and interoperability. In fact, architects and builders did not use the same software. Some worked with Revit and others with BIM vision. Finally, the jury voted the winner the most audacious project.

During the experiment, a team from  Wuppertal University was filming to realize soon an explanatory video of the BIM Game.

The next day, Lionel Croissant clarified the details of the next BIM Game event in Besançon. The team is excited to launch an architectural competition that will come to life concretely.

Finally, the team left Wuppertal University with the next November meeting in mind.

Besançon will be an important step!