Cooperación de plugins Práctica paso a paso [No.5]

– quick selection according to the value of the chosen property
– dividing elements into smaller parts  to make measurements more accurate
– measurements in the model and saving them in the form of views

CURSO (plugins utilizados): OBJECTS INFO, GALLERY, + MEASUREMENT and CUTTING options of  BIMvision

1. Using the Objects Info plugin, we can very quickly view all the values for the selected property in the model. The «Group» tool is used for this.

2. For an example, let’s review all the values for the Storey property. All the floor names contained in the IFC file will appear here.

3.When we click on an item with given values, matching elements will be automatically selected in the model view.

4. Elements marked in this way, we can easily use.

5. We will want to e.g. calculate the exact area of the walls to be painted for one room.

6. Note that the elements in the room are not modeled in such a way as to indicate only the interior surfaces of the room. In this case, we have to «cut» the walls separating the room into smaller parts.

7. To do this, we can use the «cutting planes» functionality, which not only allows us to display the intersection of the model, but also cut objects and save them to a .BVF file. (* Note! With this type of cutting, we do not create new IFC elements, so we do not actually change the original IFC file).

8. Let’s enter the first cutting plane. Let it be coplanar with the top surface of the floor. To do this, we simply click on «Add plane» and then on the ceiling from the top. The cutting plane will be added.

9. By clicking on the «Flip» option, we will be able to see the elements above the entered plane. For convenience, we make sure that we have the «Cut» option active and we turn on the «Preview planes».

10.Next, we add the next cutting planes. We will use them to separate parts of the walls of the room to be painted.

11.After entering the plane, we select the elements that we want to cut, and then use the «scissors» tool to split objects.

12. Now, when we have specific elements separated from the model, we can measure the surfaces of the indicated walls. After switching to the «Measurement» tab, we select individual objects or their parts. We do this with the Ctrl button pressed or by selecting the «Multiple selection» option.

13. Once the measurements are entered and visible in the model, we can add such a model view to the Gallery plugin so that we can recall it at any time.

14. Please remember to save your .bvf file and Gallery plugin file.