Do not be afraid to ask developers for help!

Once of our users have written recently on his blog under presentation of few free BIM viewers existing on the market, in which he also mentions BIMvision: „You may even want to write to the software viewer providers and tell them the problems you face with their viewers. They might even want to fix the problem for you! For it is their interest to do so.” I strongly believe that the author of the blog came to such conclusions in cooperation with our team.

For us you are not only Users, you all are the co-creators. Your ideas, notes and comments are treated by us very seriously. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience with us. We do our best (as a team) to answer your questions ASAP but also assume your ideas in new versions of BIMvision to make your day after day work more pleasant and effective.

Big thanks to all of you.

Once again, we encourage you to share your ideas for developing BIMvision and to ask questions. Your tips and remarks are a signpost for us in which direction shall we develop our product. Use our HelpCenter to contact us or if you prefer just write to us using

See you soon!