BIMvision in the World- Report 2016


Our browser BIMvision, both in Poland and in the world, becomes more and more popular. We are pleased to announce that, our browser has been downloaded by users in over 129 countries, which means that in relation to last year’s, recognition of our brand in the world has increased significantly (in 2015 we were talking about 77 countries / Good job!



Source: DATACOMP Sp z o.o.


This result shows that Polish users of BIM technology increasingly using our tool, what makes us very happy. This is a clear signal that BIM in Poland is more and more popular. We are proud to be involved in the process of implementation this technology in Poland.

The program has been run for over 214 570 times …



Źródło: DATACOMP Sp z o.o.


… and subsequent versions of the program you downloaded almost cyclically



Source: DATACOMP Sp z o.o.


And finally – Who visits our site?


Source: Google Analytics


It is an honor for us that you trusted us and that our work has been well recognized by you. Thanks to you we feel that each minute invested by us in working BIMvision or BIMestiMate, now double its value. We recommend ourselves for the future and encourage you to use the tools offered by us: and and