Datacomp Sp. z o. o. and C. A. T. S. Software GmbH create C.A.T.S. Viewer

By combining C.A.T.S. software and BIMvision, the IFC model browser, – a new data exchange platform will be created between the construction project and the project management system in the construction industry.


Users who use C.A.T.S. project management software will receive new functionalities and possibilities resulting from the connection with the project model browser.

«C.A.T.S. Viewer will provide our customers with unparalleled view of their projects,»; said Andreas Schwab, CEO of C.A.T.S. Software GmbH. «This gives them the ability to track projects throughout their life cycle, allowing them to share, colour, study and filter models within a design team».

Users of C.A.T.S. can continue their work on the project, introducing new joint changes and integrations in the BIM world.

Why did C.A.T.S. choose Datacomp’s BIMvision for its project? Andreas Schwab will continue to answer this question:

«We examined many IFC model browsers before choosing BIMvision, but in the end the decision was easy. They have (Datacomp) the best and easiest browser we’ve tested, their responsiveness and support are the best, and their API – along with their documentation – is unmatched. To sum up, we believe that we provide our customers with the best possible product.»

«The cooperation with C.A.T.S. Software GmbH from Germany is a big challenge for us because we are entering a very demanding HVAC application segment, where we are dealing with very detailed 3D models with a very high level of accuracy. I am very happy that we can help C.A.T.S. Software GmbH in getting to know the BIM technology with the use of our technology.» – said Maciej Wojtasiewicz, Vice-President of Datacomp.