Communication regarding the coronavirus epidemic.


On 14 March, an epidemic emergency was introduced in Poland.

Therefore, taking care of the safety of our Clients and Employees, we encourage everyone to contact the company only via electronic channels or by phone. We also encourage you to use the platforms on which our software is available:

We have made a decision so that each of our Employees who would like to, and the specificity of their work allows it – could work remotely. In this way we facilitate Employees taking care of their children and at the same time reduce the number of direct interactions at the workplace.

In this situation, the telephone contact may be slightly longer or you will have to dial the mobile phone number given by the telephone system. Current telephone numbers can be found in the CONTACT tab.

We hope you understand the situation. We will do everything we can to make sure that the changes have as little impact as possible on the speed of order processing.