User-friendly, practical solution that allows you to detect quickly geometric collisions appearing between elements in one model or between elements of several independent models*.




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As you know clash detection helps in effective identification, inspection and reporting of interferences in a BIM model. It reduces the risk of human error which normally would have been discovered on the site and would most likely cause losses and often delays in the implementation of the task.

Clash Detection plugin allows you to:

  • identify geometric collisions between elements of one model;
  • identify geometric collisions between elements of several models (for more than two models - use the Multifile Module);
  • perform the initial selection of items that are checked. You can define the elements for which you want to identify collisions (all, active, selected, custom selected, object list);
  • limit the scope of the search by defining Epsilon**;
  • focus on collisions of the highest importance for the project, thanks to the Min. volume option;
  • accurately visualize the place of the collision, precisely show the place of intersection of the elements;



*For more than 2 models please use Multifile Module;


**Selected = elements / objects indicated in the model and highlighted in green;


***Custom selector = here you can select elements/objects by using properties defined in model and exported to the IFC;



****Object list = list of specific elements, select elements/objects in model and choose option “add selected”;
*****Epsilon - measure of overlapping elements.

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