New plugin: IFC Edit

The IFC Edit plugin is an extensive, extremely useful tool that allows you to modify information contained in IFC files. It allows you to edit the properties and property sets of elements and export the changed data as a new IFC file.

The main interface of the IFC Edit plugin consists of three buttons: Edit, Export and Open Last Export.

The “Edit” button opens a drop-down menu where the “Add property set” option is available. After selecting this option, you can enter the required data in the edit window. This is ideal if you want to add new property sets.

The “Export” button allows you to export the modified file as a new IFC file. You can save with it your changes and get an IFC file with updated data.

The last button, “Open Last Export”, allows you to open the most recently created file that contains your saved changes. This convenient feature enables you to quickly review the result of your work.

The IFC Edit plugin also offers the ability to change properties and property sets from the property panel. By right-clicking on any property set or property itself, you can access options such as EDIT, ADD or DELETE.

A detailed description of the use of these options can be found in the description of the IFC EDIT plugin.

Note: Please note that element attributes such as GUID numbers or defined types cannot be changed or deleted using the IFC Edit plugin.

Do you want to test the functionality of the plugin? Download the DEMO version from our store.