Smart Congress in Rzeszów


Smart Congress: Project, Building & City will take place on April 6th as an integral part of the International Construction Fair. These fair are the flagship exhibition event in Podkarpacie. It is a significant event that gathers nearly 300 exhibitors and several thousand visitors. The participants of the event will be architects, developers, engineers, representatives of municipalities and local governments, individual investors and scientists.

The leading theme will be an issue that interests all visitors: innovations and IT technologies in construction and of course Building Information Modeling. In specially prepared rooms there will be workshops organized in cooperation with BIM Cluster, the Substantive Patron of the event (of which Datacomp is a member). An integral part of the event will be Archiczwartek (organized periodically in Rzeszów by SARP Rzeszów), which will exceptionally take place on Friday.

We invite you to participate in the event, in particular in the workshops ?. The workshop program includes a presentation of the Datacomp representative. The subject of the presentation «BIM’s BOQ – Evolution or Revolution»


See you there!
Team Datacomp.