The supervisor ( Investor’s supervisor ) is an important participant in the construction process. Its role is to represent the Investor in the construction process. The basic duties of the supervision inspector under the Construction Law include, among others: control of compliance of construction with a project, building permit, regulations and principles of technical knowledge; quality control of construction works and materials used; acceptance of construction works that are covered; participation in acceptance of the work actually carried out; and at the request of the Investor also checking the construction accounts.

The Investor’s supervision inspector, using the BIM model of a building facility, can:

  • verify the completeness of the project and check the comprehensiveness of the information contained in the project (using the IFC model viewer, eg BIMvision)
  • check the conformity of dimensions directly from the model with the dimensions described in the field of properties and / or in the BOQ prepared by the Contractor
  • clash detection to minimize the risks
  • quick and easy control of work
  • change management
  • checking the compliance of the construction works with the design and contract,
  • quick identification of errors and/or omissions by using the applications installed on the tablet or mobile phone