Nuevo plugin: glTF Exporter

Presentamos nuestra nueva herramienta, el complemento glTF Exporter   glTF Exporter para exportar la geometría del modelo al formato glTF. GLTF (Formato de transmisión GL) es un formato de archivo para modelos 3D que utilizan el estándar JSON. glTF minimiza

PREFAB – a new BIM Vision module

In 2017 Datacomp signed an agreement with the Swiss company SENN AG. The company is a leader in the Swiss market of steel and metal construction services, metal industry, support for the business unit in the field of transport and

New Plugin: Clash Detection

Meet our new, long-awaited, plugin dedicated to the geometric clash detection. User-friendly, practical solution that allows you to fast detect geometric collisions appearing between elements in one model or between elements of several independent models*. As you know clash detection