IFC Merge

The IFC Merge plugin lets you export model elements loaded from several files into one common IFC file (merging files). The plugin may work if we load at least 2 IFC files. It is possible to export active elements, visible or selected from several files, to a new common file.


  1. Export active
    After activating the objects that you want to merge in the IFC structure tree, press Export active.
  2. Export visible
    All objects of the loaded files visible in the application window will be merged.
  3. Export selected
    Selected items of loaded files can be exported as a new common IFC file.

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In the current version of the plugin, you can only merge projects that have the same units (distance, area, mass and volume). If Guid IDs are duplicated in projects, only one item will be exported.
The current version also does not support the merge of shifted models.

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