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The plugin enables development of advanced reports. Select model elements (all / selected / visible) and properties that you want to analyze. Define the way of grouping and summing. Now you can save the file in .xlsx (Excel) format.



This BIM Vision extension allows you to search, group, filter and choose objects by name, type or property. Plugin adds a new button group “Objects” in ribbon tab “PLUGINS”.


Allows you to identify the item by searching text in objects and properties. This option is especially useful in a situation where you need to quickly find an item or group of items, eg. a particular parameter.


Function allows you to group objects by name, the name of the material, description, IFC type or user tag.


Allows to filter objects by name, description, IFC type , user tag and property values (eg. pillars higher than 4m). In a few steps we are able to find all the items with set of features interesting for us.


Show chosen properties of first selected object. The user selects a set of features that are the most important for him from the point of view of the analysis of the project. The user can define and save a few properties.


The main idea of the plugin is to create a workflow communication capability connected to IFC models and improving collaboration between the all parties involved in the investment process.

 Currently we support also BIM Collaboration Format  (BCF v1).


This BIM Vision extension allows you to add, view and share comments to IFC file. Comments are automatically saved and loaded with IFC model to/from BIM Vision File (*.BVF), or they can be manually loaded and saved to an external file - without an IFC model. Currently we support also BIM Collaboration Format (BCF v1).


This BIM Vision module allows to load and view multiple IFC files in one view.


The plugin allows us to:

  • display several models at the same time
  • merge storeys by global ID, elevation or name
  • unload models

Save the file to * .BVF format which allows you to save all opened IFC files into one file. Opening it again we find everything in one place, all IFC files as well as the applied previously comments.


Using the additional plugin "Gallery" you can optimize and improve the process the exchange of information between all participant of the process.

Saved view

When you save a view, main BIM Vision viewing options (camera position, display settings) and state of all IFC elements (active, visible, transparent, selection, colors) will be remembered. Plugin also makes a thumbnail and put it into gallery of views. When you choose this view, all saved data will be restored. Views are automatically loaded and saved in separate file with “.gallery” extension.

Take screenshot

Take screenshots - You can either take screenshots of current view and save it to PNG/BMP image file or directly copy to Clipboard. Now you can send the file with question to the designer.

Change color

For better coordination and control of the project we created a tool "Change colors" allows users to select colors for specific elements. Change is made only for time of viewing the model (unless you save it in view). You can also modify (remove or add) objects transparency.


Plugin installs in system preview handler. When you select an IFC file, it displays its preview in Windows Explorer preview pane.


Plugin adds also button in ribbon tab “PLUGINS”, which allows to replace default preview of opened file with custom/actual view.


This plugin adds button in ribbon tab “PLUGINS” where you can export geometry from in STL format (ie. for printing 3D).


The plugin allows you to choose: which objects you want to export (selected, visible all), what elements should be omitted and scale. Items can be exported to one or more files. You can also select the file type: Binary or ASCII.


This BIM Vision extension allows to group objects depending on items state or from data that comes from external CSV files. You can view, select, change visibility and color of each group. You can also edit groups and assign elements to them in BIM Vision. This plugin was created on the request of one of our clients in order to improve the management process in the design and manufacturing process for the realization of steel structures investments.



Objects are grouped depending on the value of property “USER_FIELD_4” in property group “BIM”. When object does not have such property if will be placed in “Un-batched items” group, otherwise object and all its children will be assigned to group defined in this property.



Objects are grouped depending on CSV file. This is txt file that contains object’s guid and status. The guid is compared with value of property “GUID” in property group “BIM” (plugin adds “ID” prefix to each). When object does not belong to any group it will be added to “Unknown status” category. Only categories with objects that are present in IFC file are added. When CSV file is in the same directory and has same name as IFC file, it will be loaded automatically. You can also load CSV file manually.


BIM Vision Plugins


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