Datacomp Sp. z o. o. - developer of the leading IFC model viewer - BIM Vision and FabSuite, LLC - North America’s leading supplier of Steel Management Software - are pleased to announce that they have partnered to create a new product called FabSuite View. Datacomp company will enable complete integration of BIM Vision with the FabSuite platform, which is the lindustry-leading solution for steel producers.

FabSuite View is a brand new product for FabSuite users to manage their projects and integrate with fabrication and design models. The signed cooperation agreement is long-term, and the integration of two IT solutions will take place in accordance with the agreed schedule and stages.

FabSuite View will provide our customers with unrivalled insight to their projects”, stated Chris Moor, COO of FabSuite. “It adds another dimension to their ability to track projects throughout their lifecycle by enabling models to be shared among the project team and colorized, interrogated and filtered easily”. On the choice of Datacomp’s BIM Vision as a rebranded viewer, Moor continued “we investigated many IFC model viewers before settling on BIM Vision and in the end it was an easy decision. They have the best and easiest viewer we have tested, their responsiveness and support is best in class and the API they provided – along with documentation – was second to none. Bottom line, they made it easy for us and we believe we are delivering the best product possible for our customers.”

“The cooperation with FabSuite LLC from Virginia, US is a great challenge for us, because we enter into the very demanding segment of steel fabrication where we need to deal with very detailed 3D models with a very high level of accuracy. I am also very happy we can help FabSuite to take advantage of the new BIM methods using our technology” said Maciej Wojtasiewicz, Vice President of Datacomp.

We'll keep you informed about the details of cooperation and implementation.

FabSuite and Datacomp announce cooperation