IFC Comments in new release

  We invite you to discover the new possibilities offered by the IFC Comments plugin in the new, spring edition. The main idea of the plugin is to create a workflow communication capability connected to IFC models and improving collaboration

BIMvision in Arabic

I think we were well-behaved this year and Santa brought us a gift in the form of a very nice surprise. By searching the Internet, using password “BIMvision”, one of our colleagues found new video tutorial about our browser BIMvision,

BIMvision in the World- Report 2016

  Our browser BIMvision, both in Poland and in the world, becomes more and more popular. We are pleased to announce that, our browser has been downloaded by users in over 129 countries, which means that in relation to last

British experts testing the BIMvision

On the English side http://bimblog.bondbryan.com you can find a test of our free browser IFC models – BIMvision. The author describes how easy and simple you can master the program and also how well extensive functionality of the browser is.